Rougemont Castle (Exeter Castle), A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

Rougemont Castle (Exeter Castle), A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

Built shortly after the Norman Conquest

Rougemont Castle, or Exeter Castle, was built shortly after the Norman Conquest. The main attraction today is the fine gatehouse which is said to be the oldest standing castle building in England.

There's an information board by the gatehouse providing excellent information on the castle and its history. 'After the Norman conquest in 1066, Exeter was the centre of the West Country rebellion against William the Conqueror. In 1068 William's forces came to the city, which at the time was described as a 'wealthy and ancient city, strongly fortified'. The wall prevented Exeter from being overrun and a siege ensued. The city finally surrendered after 18 days of siege. William established a castle at Rougemont within the city walls.' Visit to read more.


Location of Rougemont Castle or Exeter Castle

Rougemont or Exeter Castle is located by a corner of Exeter City Wall.

We'd positioned the castle on Google maps. Zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


The Devon Witches

Look out for the plaque on the gatehouse wall which reads: 'The Devon Witches. In memory of Temperance Lloyd, Susannah Edwards, Mary Trembles of Bideford died 1682. Alice Molland died 1685. The last people in England to be executed for witchcraft tried here and hanged at Heavitree. In hope of an end to persecution & intolerance.'