Exeter Castle Apartments, A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

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Exeter Castle Apartments, A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

Exeter Castle

You'll walk or drive past Rougemont Castle (Exeter Castle) Norman gatehouse as you enter the Exeter Castle Apartments courtyard. The gatehouse is said to be the oldest standing castle building in England.

Look out for the plaque on the gatehouse which reads: 'The Devon Witches. In memory of Temperance Lloyd, Susannah Edwards, Mary Trembles of Bideford died 1682. Alice Molland died 1685. The last people in England to be executed for witchcraft tried here & hanged at Heavitree. In the hope of an end to persecution and intolerance.'

There's more information about the castle and gatehouse on an information board on site. This is part of the Exeter City Wall Trail.


Exeter City Wall Trail

To learn more about Exeter's history, we'd recommend following the Exeter City Wall Trail. The information board by the castle gatehouse is one of a number you encounter as you follow the trail around the ancient city wall.


Rougemont Gardens

Exeter Castle Apartments are located by the beautiful Rougemont Gardens. Paths run through the city wall to the equally impressive Northernhay Gardens.


Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM)

Walk across Rougemont Gardens or Northernhay Gardens from Exeter Castle Apartments in the direction of Queen Street and you'll come to the wonderful Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM).


High Street

Exeter Castle Apartments are situated by Exeter High Street.

Leave the apartments, pass under the gatehouse and wander down Castle Street to the High Street.


Exeter's Underground Passages

Where the High Street meets Paris Street are Exeter's Underground Passages.



Exeter Princesshay. Princesshay's shops, restaurants and cafes are by the High Street.

From Princesshay, there's a superb view of Exeter Cathedral's towers.


Exeter Cathedral Close

Alleyways lead from either the High Street or Princesshay area to Exeter Cathedral Close.


Exeter Cathedral

The official entrance to Exeter Cathedral is at its west end below the famous rows of medieval sculptures.



No holiday in Exeter is complete without a trip to Exeter's Historic Quayside.

From Exeter Cathedral Close, cross South Street and wander down Combe Street to the tunnel that runs under the busy Western Way. Continue to the quayside. Alternatively, cross South Street and walk past Combe street to the footbridge that passes over Western Way. A path takes you down to the quayside.

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