Exeter Cathedral, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

Exeter Cathedral, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

One of England's great buildings

Exeter Cathedral is one of England's great buildings. 'This cathedral epitomises the peak of the Decorated Gothic style in England; it is a building of remarkable beauty and symmetry, splendidly restored after the bomb damage of 1942. The imposing twin towers at the transepts, a very unusual arrangement in England, are almost all that remains of the Norman building ... Most of the church we see today was built in the hundred years before 1369. One of Exeter's glories is the continuous stone-ribbed vaulted ceiling and roof 300 feet (91 metres) long, the longest and probably finest Gothic vista in the world, with its magnificent 'palm' vaulting, pillars of slender clustered shafts and one of the finest collections of painted roof bosses.' (From Pepin, David. Discovering Cathedrals. Shire Publications, reprinted 1988)


Exeter Cathedral location

We've positioned Exeter Cathedral on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

As you would expect, Exeter Cathedral Close and Exeter Cathedral are very well signposted so follow the signs when you are in the city. Remember that Exeter is a small place so the cathedral is always within easy walking distance.


Exeter Cathedral highlights

When visiting Exeter Cathedral, we'd recommend looking out for the following:


Vespasian and Exeter's Roman past

In Exeter Cathedral Close, find the image of Vespasian on the path below the north side of the cathedral. Exeter Cathedral was built on the site of a Roman fortress. Excavations revealed a Roman bathhouse!


Exeter Cathedral west front

By the main entrance to Exeter Cathedral, stand in front its famous west front with its rows of medieval sculptures. 'The West Front Image Screen of Exeter Cathedral is one of the great architectural features of Medieval England.' (Exeter Cathedral website)


R.D. Blackmore ‚Äčand Lorna Doone

As you enter the cathedral, look up to your right and you'll see the memorial to R.D. Blackmore who wrote the famous novel 'Lorna Doone' based on Exmoor.


Longest uninterrupted gothic vaulting in the world

Next, stand below the west window and view 'the longest uninterrupted gothic vaulting in the world [which] is one of the finest examples of architecture anywhere'. (Exeter Cathedral website)


Medieval stained glass window

Wander down to the east window to see medieval stained glass dating from the 1300s.


Exeter Cathedral bosses

Stop to examine the boss on the south side of the cathedral by the quire and Bishop's throne.


Exeter Blitz window

Look out for the stained glass window in the south nave showing St Peter protecting the cathedral during German bombing raids in WWII.


The story of the cathedral

Take time to discover the Exeter Rondels (embroidered cushions) on the south side of the nave which tell the story of the cathedral.


Scott of Antarctica's flag

As you approach the exit, look up to your left and you'll see Scott of Antarctica's flag.


Shop and Cathedral Cafe

Note that there's a shop in the cathedral. We'd also recommend Exeter Cathedral Cafe.