Exeter Cathedral Close, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

Exeter Cathedral Close, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

Pedestrian area around Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral Close is a beautiful pedestrian area around Exeter Cathedral lined with restaurants, cafes and shops.


Exeter Cathedral location

We've positioned Exeter Cathedral Close on Google maps so zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.

As you would expect, Exeter Cathedral Close and Exeter Cathedral are very well signposted so follow the signs when you are in the city. Remember that Exeter is a small place so the cathedral is always within easy walking distance.


Exeter Cathedral Close highlights

When visiting Exeter Cathedral Close, we'd recommend looking out for the following:


Exeter Cathedral west front

By the main entrance to Exeter Cathedral, stand in front its famous west front with its rows of medieval sculptures. 'The West Front Image Screen of Exeter Cathedral is one of the great architectural features of Medieval England.' (Exeter Cathedral website)


Mol's Coffee House

Mol's Coffee House is the impressive building in the north corner of Exeter Cathedral Close. The coat of arms on its front carries the date 1596.

'In the 1590's it was owned by an Italian, Thomas Mol, and was used as a coffee house from about 1700. The panelled room on the first floor is believed to have been the meeting-place of many great sea voyagers including Drake and Raleigh.' (Source: information board in Exeter)

Mol's Coffee House offers fine views of Exeter Cathedral. Grab a coffee and a bite to eat to enjoy them.


The Royal Clarence Hotel

Next door, The Royal Clarence Hotel is said to be the 'first establishment in Britain to be called a hotel'. (Source: information board in Exeter)

The hotel was destroyed by fire and is being re-built.


Richard Hooker statue

Famous sculpture of Richard Hooker, the Anglican theologian, outside Exeter Cathedral.

'Richard Hooker (1554 - 1600) 'Prophet of Anglicanism' and a Son of Exeter, he was a lively Elizabethan priest, quick-witted, urbane, intellectually acute, politically sophisticated and passionately committed to the Church of England he served.'


Also see

Close by are the Guildhall and Merchant Houses.

We'd recommend following the Exeter Woollen Trail to learn how the city generated much of its wealth.