Exeter Woollen Trail, D. Quayside, Exeter

Exeter Woollen Trail, D. Quayside, Exeter

Exeter's historic wool trade

Much of Exeter's wealth was generated by the wool trade. The Exeter Woollen Trail is a historical and cultural walking trail in the centre of the city exploring Exeter's role in that industry

'Exeter's cloth industry reached its peak in the late 1600s when over 1000 bales of woollen cloth were being exported daily. Nearly 80% of the local workforce was employed in the industry. Within 100 years, due to the decline in European trade during the Napoleonic wars (1803-18150) and new methods of mass production in the factories and mills in the North, Exeter's cloth industry had fallen into terminal decline.' (Source: information board at Exeter Historic Quayside)


Locations on the Exeter Woollen Trail

The Exeter Woollen Trail runs from the Guildhall and Merchant Houses to St Nicholas Priory, Tucker's Hall, Old Exe Bridge, Exe Island, Exeter's Historic Quayside, the Quayside's Warehouses to the Exeter Ship Canal and Exeter Ship Canal Basin.



If the industry is of interest, we'd recommend heading north up the Exe Valley to Tiverton. Specifically, visit Tiverton St Peter's Church and walk the Tiverton Merchant's Trail.



Also travel south east to Topsham.