Turf Hotel, E. Quayside to the Exe Estuary, Exeter

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Turf Hotel, E. Quayside to the Exe Estuary, Exeter

Exe Estuary

The Turf Hotel is located at Turf Lock at the end of Exeter Canal where it meets the Exe Estuary. Amazing location.


Exeter Canal and the River Exe

Discover the nature reserves along Exeter Canal and the River Exe.


Boat trips

There are lots of boat trips in the Exe Estuary/Exmouth area:

Ferries. A ferry runs between Starcross and Exmouth. Other ferries cross the water further up the estuary at Topsham. For example, a ferry runs from Ferry Road in Topsham across to Topsham Lock. Another runs from Topsham across to The Turf Hotel.

River Exe Cruise. Explore the Exe Estuary by boat. The trip takes between 1-2 hours and is supplied by Stuart Line Cruises.

Round Robin Boat & Train From Exmouth. Take a boat trip between Exmouth and Topsham and return by train. The boat trip part of the experience takes about 1 hour. Supplied by Stuart Line Cruises.

Coastal Cruise. Leave the Exe Estuary and discover the Devon coast around Exmouth. A 1 hour boat trip supplied by Stuart Line Cruises.

Jurassic Coast Cruise by Stuart Line Cruises. Explore a section of the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site (Dorset and East Devon UNESCO World Heritage Site) by boat. The trip lasts 2-3 hours.

Seaton Bay Cruise/Sidmouth Bay Cruise by Stuart Line Cruises. Explore the East Devon coast around these famous seaside towns.

Day Trip To Torquay or Brixham by Stuart Line Cruises. Visit Torquay or Brixham by boat from Exmouth. A day trip.

Special CruisesStuart Line Cruises provide special trips, for example the Countess Weir Evening Cruise. See their website for details.



Take the ferry from Turf Lock across the Exe Estuary to the beautiful waterside town Topsham.



Follow the Exe Estuary Trail or the Exe Valley Way along Exeter Canal to Exeter's Historic Quayside.



If you want to enjoy outdoor or indoor adventure activities, we'd recommend heading down to the quayside. Try climbing, watersports, cycling and boat trips. There are many excellent walking trails along the Exe Estuary.


Exeter Cathedral

Walk up from the quayside to Western Way. Take either the tunnel that passes under or the footbridge that passes over Western Way to South Street. Cross South Street and follow Palace Gate or Bear Street to the west end of Exeter Cathedral. The official entrance is on the left hand side of the west face with its famous medieval sculptures.


Exeter Cathedral Close

Having visited Exeter Cathedral, explore Exeter Cathedral Close. It's a great place for lunch with a view.



Topsham and The Globe are located where the River Exe meets the Exe Estuary. Follow the east bank of the estuary and you'll come to Exmouth where the estuary flows into the sea. Exmouth is a thriving holiday resort with miles of beautiful sandy beaches.


Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site

Exmouth is also at the west end of the Dorset and East Devon Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also known as the Jurassic Coast. We'd recommend walking to The Geoneedle at Orcombe Point for glorious views.

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