St Nicholas Priory, G. West Quarter, Exeter

St Nicholas Priory, G. West Quarter, Exeter

[Note that St Nicholas Priory is not open to the public at present owing to building work.]


Founded in 1087

'St Nicholas Priory was founded in 1087 and was home to Benedictine monks for over 400 years. In 1536, like other monasteries, it was closed and the remains became the home of wealthy Tudor merchants.' (St Nicholas Priory website)


The oldest standing building in Devon?

'This building, now interpreted as an Elizabethan town house, was one of the four ranges which enclosed the cloister of a medieval monastery. It has a claim to being the oldest standing building in Devon (except for ruins and fragments) and its earliest portions display early Norman architecture rarely seen in the county.' (St Nicholas Priory guidebook)


St Nicholas Priory location

St Nicholas Priory is located in the West Quarter of Exeter.

We've positioned the building on Google maps so zoom in on the accompanying map to see its location.