Best Exeter Historical Sites, A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

Best Exeter Historical Sites, A. Castle Quarter, Exeter

Exeter Castle

Castle ruins include a fine gatehouse which is said to be the oldest standing castle building in England.

Look out for The Devon Witches plaque on the gatehouse wall which reads: 'The Devon Witches. In memory of Temperance Lloyd, Susannah Edwards, Mary Trembles of Bideford died 1682. Alice Molland died 1685. The last people in England to be executed for witchcraft tried here and hanged at Heavitree. In hope of an end to persecution & intolerance.'


Exeter Cathedral

One of England's great buildings, Exeter Cathedral has 'the longest uninterrupted gothic vaulting in the world and is one of the finest examples of architecture anywhere'. (Exeter Cathedral website)


Exeter City Wall

Exeter City Wall was 'built by the Romans about 200A.D., since repaired by others. Much of the City Wall still stands, some of it of original Roman workmanship'. (Plaque on City Wall by Princesshay)


Exeter Quayside

Exeter's Historic Quayside is a hub for leisure activities. It also has a fascinating history and was at the heart of Exeter's woollen cloth trade.


Custom House Visitor Centre

Learn more about Exeter's woollen cloth trade at Exeter Customs House Visitor Centre on Exeter's Historic Quayside.


Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

In addition to telling the story of Exeter and Devon, Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) has 'internationally important world cultures and natural history collections'. (Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery official guidebook)


St Nicholas Priory

Said to be Devon's oldest standing building, St Nicholas Priory was founded in 1087 as a Benedictine Monastery.


21 The Mint

21 The Mint was once part of St Nicholas Priory . It has been open to the public on special heritage days but normally one to view from the outside.


Tuckers Hall

A plaque outside Tuckers Hall reads: 'Tuckers Hall belonging to the Guild of Weavers, Fullers & Shearmen. Incorporated in 1490.'

There are limited opening times so refer to the Tuckers Hall website for detail.

Tuckers Hall is part of the Exeter Woollen Trail . Much of the city's past wealth and status was created by the woollen cloth trade. Tuckers Hall was central to this industry.


Exeter Guildhall

Located on the busy High Street, Exeter Guildhall  is said to be one of the oldest local government buildings in the UK still being used today.


Exeter City Wall Trail

Built by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago, the majority of Exeter City Wall can be seen today. Walk from information board to information board to learn about the history of the wall and Exeter.

Exeter City Wall Trail runs past Castle Street, Northernhay, the Norman Gatehouse, the North Gate, Snayle Tower, West Gate, Water Gate, South Gate and East Gate.


Exeter Woollen Trail

Much of Exeter's historic wealth was generated by the woollen cloth trade. Walk from information board to information board to discover the story of this industry.

Exeter Woollen Trail  runs past Exeter Guildhall & Merchant Houses, St Nicholas Priory, Tuckers Hall, Old Exe Bridge, Exe Island, Exeter's Historic Quayside, Warehouses and the Canal & Canal Basin.


Exeter Medieval Trail

Exeter is home to a wealth of medieval buildings. Follow the Exeter Medieval Trail to learn more about the city's past. 

Exeter Medieval Trail  runs past Castle Street, Cathedral Yard, Southernhay, Wynard's Almshouses, Smythern Street, The Carfax, Cathedral Precinct and Catherine Square.


Exeter Canal

Exeter Canal  (also called Exeter Ship Canal) was one of the first canals to be built in the UK and runs alongside the River Exe until it meets the Exe Estuary.



Topsham is the historic port of Exeter. Located on the east side of the Exe Estuary where the River Exe meets the estuary, the setting is stunning. It's a beautiful, well-heeled waterside town packed with excellent shops, pubs and restaurants. The Exe Estuary Trail runs through Topsham. Foot ferries cross between Topsham and Topsham Lock/Exminster (the Topsham Ferry) and Turf Locks (the Topsham to Turf Ferry).