Best Exeter Cafes, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

Best Exeter Cafes, B. Cathedral Quarter, Exeter

Exeter Cathedral Close

Tea On The Green. Arguably the best place for afternoon tea in Exeter. Views across Exeter Cathedral Close to Exeter Cathedral. 'Tea on the Green is an independent restaurant in the heart of Exeter.'

The Plant Cafe Deli. Great spot on the west side of Exeter Cathedral Close pretty much opposite Tea On The Green. This side of Exeter Cathedral Close is less touristy.

Or try Exeter Refectory Cafe which is the cafe in Exeter Cathedral.



Lloyd's Kitchen. 'Lloyd's Kitchen is one of Exeter's most popular places to eat, meet and drink, an independent restaurant cafe serving modern British food daily, along with their own blended coffee, and offering a fantastic wine list.'

Lloyd's Lounge is across the way. 'A laid-back eatery and artisan coffee lounge by day, to an atmospheric cocktail bar by night.'

The cafe at the top of Debenhams is good and offers extraordinary views over the city to Exeter Cathedral.



Down on the quayside we'd recommend The Coffee Cellar. Great cafe in the arches.

Or enjoy a cream tea at Jolly Roger Tea Rooms


High Street area

Boston Tea Party. 'One of the biggest and best hangouts in Exeter ... Our huge upstairs dining room has long been a highlight and continues to be a draw for the discerning folk of this historic county town.' Located across the road from Queen Street Dining.

The cafe at the top of John Lewis is great.


Castle Quarter

Caffe Espresso. This superb, intimate cafe is situated in the Castle Quarter with views to Rougemont Castle.

Alternatively, try Exeter's Royal Albery Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) Cafe. Cafe in Exeter's Royal Albery Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM).